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    ● Hand Made Here
    ● Sleep Better Now
    ● Modular to move
    ● Designed to fit up the narrowest Boston staircase
    ● Classic Mid-Century Style
    ● True Queen-size Sofabed
    ● For taller guests' comfort
    ● Honest 60" x 80" mattress size, so fitted sheets fit
    ● Covers removable to clean
    ● Easiest in the world to open & close
    ● One-Finger Operation™
    ● Very easy to clean under

Frame w/two 6" HR Foam Cushions
Solid Cherry Legs
Pair of Back Bolsters
Two Micrometer Pillows: TBD.
Sofa: 37"D x 80"W x 34"
Bed: 60"D x 80"W x 18"
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Customer Comments

"Oh my, I bought my futon bed here in 1992 for my temp apartment in Cambridge, then it followed me everywhere finally landing in Valley Forge, PA. When my daughter got an apartment nearby we gave it to her . . . Many people have slept on it . . comfortably. The mattress finally flattened out 16+ years later and at the same time my daughter got a job in Cambridge . . . we just drove the old futon frame back to Cambridge and came back with a new futon!! The circle of life goes on. I bet I will have another story or my daughter will in many years to come when we come back for the third time."

- Peace, Melissa

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Last Updated: 02/22/19