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Customer Feedback and Testimonials

We love our products. You know we love our products, but what do other customers think? Below are comments customers left in our little Blue Book at our showroom. Want to leave a comment to be shared online? Stop in our showroom and leave one in person, or write to us here!

We bought an oak platform bed in 1977 and it's still our every night comfortable place to sleep! Lots of history - a roomy place for our 4 kids to crawl in to share stories and cozy times. Thanks so much for still being here.

- H.S. 5/5/16
Got a futon and frame here just out ocollege in '83 and it has followed us around all these years. Now we're moving back to Cambridge - just up the street from Bedworks, and it is time to replace the futon, but the frame marches on...

- P.W. 4/30/16
Stopped in because my 30 year old bed squeaking! Have loved the bed.

- 4/27/16
Our recently purchased high resilency mattress is by far the best either of us has ever slept on!

- Curt + Liz Hall 4/16/16
My wife and I have slept on Bedworks futons for almost 30 years*, and have always been beyond satisfied with comfort, quality, and friendly service. *four or five futons, East/West, and Virgin 10, or their predecessors

- Pete 4/16/16
Great after 30+ years - bookcase headboard.

- Pat and Jeff 3/31/16
My first futon and frame came from here and I still have it. I recall buying the futon and walking home with my friend Beth to my local Cambridge apartment. What a great memory. - 1988 :)

- Emily 3/11/16
I bought a futon from you 28 years ago and used it for years and years! Then it went to my mother. Now it's time to buy a new one. I'm glad you are still here.

- S.W. 3/5/16
Hi - We bought 3 Platform Beds from Bedworks in the 1980's. Two from the Central Ave Location & one from Brighton/Allston Store. These beds were great!!!! We did 5 moves across country - MN, CA, FL, and 2 moves in Boston Areas ( Brookline and Chestnut Hill ). Other stuff did not survive our 5 moves but the Bedworks Platform Beds were fine. The best purchase ever!!!

- H. R. 2/12/16
Bought bed and cherry dresser in the mid-eighties. Meet J. four years ago and she had a futon also from Bedworks also from the eighties. We married three years ago combining our lives and Bedworks furniture.

- S & J R. 2016
I bought my futon here 35 years ago and I still have it. I am now buying one for my son

- Lisa M. 2015
I mistakenly went to Sleep's a month ago to get my bed. Sleepy's has yet to deliver my bed while Bedworks is delivering mine within the week. DON'T EVER DO BUSINESS WITH SLEEPY'S!

- Keith L. 2015
I bought my first piece of furniture - one of your futons! here in 1995 - back in 2015 for a new mattress.

- Jen R. 2015
21 years ago we bought our first bed at your store. Great Quality.

- H. 2015
This is a great store that has been around for a long time, at least over 25 years for us. We bought our bed (the low oak platform bed with drawers and bookcase headboard) when we got married, and now we're back with our daughter to shop for her! The quality and craftsmanship here is terrific.

- V.L., Lexington
We bought our first (and only) bed here in 1976 (when the factory/store was on the 4th floor around the corner on Mass. Ave.). It's been the one and only - good as new 30 years later! As our kids have grown they have gotten beds here as well! We have a good selection - all good style!

- H. + A. G.T.C.
Thank you, thank you! I rail against sales ploys that require me to buy items I don't want just so I can use any item I really do want. Thank you for designing a bed that doesn't require a box spring! (Down with box springs!)

- Lauren
This bed is more fun than any I have ever slept on. It hides all my secrets and offers me elegance and serenity for my dreams. But it is the falling asleep part and the waking up part which are my favorites, because there is no end to how friendly and intimate my latex rubber mattress feels! Thank you!

- Vesua
We are about to purchase our fourth mattress from you and we love your store, your staff, and more importantly, your product. Thank you! Customer since 1993.

- A.K.H.
I bought my first bed here in 1983 or so, and it's still in use by my nephew in college today. Beautiful workmanship!

- David Bruce, Cambridge
I am about to lose my job because I don't want to get out of my bed. It is too comfortable. I love memory foam. It should cover every surface, every surface.

- Daniel Sussman, Allston
Five beds, a couple of futons & now pillows! I guess I'm a happy customer!

- R.K.
I was excited to get a new bed from IKEA, but dissappointed to find the side rail broke off the frame after a few months. We're looking for a sturdier bed now!

- Su
A long time ago we decided it was time to stop sleeping on the floor, so we came to Bedworks. We still sleep on the platform today - 28 years later, though we have a latex mattress these days.

- Mark Goldwater
I have been a customer since the late 1970's after I bought a three-quarter size platform bed at the original location over the pub. Twelve years ago. Now happily married, my wife and I bought a futon couch for our guest bedroom. Glad to see that you have "lived long and prospered" in Central Square . . . may you have many more years of continued success!

- Michael
I've been to Jordan's and Ikea, and no one compares with your platform bed.

- Winston Jonus
We love to come to Cambridge, and we always remember this store with fondness, as we bought our favorite bed here!

- Grateful customer
I love your platform beds. I bought one 25 years ago, and shortly after convinced both of my brothers to get one. We still have them today. They are easy when you are moving and I love the drawers underneath. So now we are back to buy a sofa bed. Thanks for such a terrific product!!

- Gail Rundlett
My sister and her husband bought their bed from Bedworks about 25 years ago and they are still using it. It was built here when the store was new. They love it!

- Christine Carlson, Cambridge
We bought our first bed and bed and headboard here in the early 80s. we have since bought two more - in oak and cherry. Now it's time for another sofa-bed. Thanks!

- Mike Krosner, Watertown
I met John Buster in 1978 when I first moved to Boston. He drew me a plan for a platform bed, and I made the bed myself using particle board - I kept it for years and then passed it along. Wonderful memories!

- Ellen, Marblehead
I won't go anywhere else.

Purchased my first bed in '79 from Bedworks. Its been great, back in '06 for futons.

- Eric
Your design is excellent! It's lasted all these years. This is my third platform bed from you in 25 years.

- Jerry F., Cambridge
I'm so glad you are still here! We still love the platform bed we bought from you in your 3rd floor shop in 1977. Now we need some more pieces. Hooray for quality & craftsmanship!

We are back again 30 years later to replace the futon on the platform bed we bought here in 1976. Bed is fantastic - but the original futon is getting too hard, or we are getting too old - we have 5 of your beds - the best!!!

- Gail and John
I love your platform beds. I bought one 25 years ago, and shortly after convinced both of my brothers to get one. We still have them today. They are easy when you are moving and I love the drawers on wheels underneath. So now we are back to buy a sofa that we can use as a sofabed as well. Thanks for such a terrific product!!

- Gail Rundlet, very satisfied customer!
John and I met twenty years ago. So far I've purchased at least eight beds from him, one of them recently for my granddaughter, Rose. Today my daughter, Genevieve and her husband are purchasing a new beautiful bed while I'm sitting relaxing on one of the showroom's loveseat beds. Maybe I'll buy one! I love Bedworks forever & ever.

- Katherine
Ikea beds are crap! The support beams hold no support! Don't buy beds from Ikea!

- Jennifer
In 1978, John delivered my bed to a one room apt in Stoneham, MA - 29 years later - my wife and I are ready for a headboard and visit with John - Congrats on a long and successful career.

- Jeff Frankel - Marblehead, MA
The worst thing about memory foam mattresses is that they are addictive!
You don't want to sleep on anything else. We love ours. Thanks.

- John - Portland, Oregon
I bought a Floating Platform Bed in 1983, and still love it. The unique support design is not only exceptionally stable and durable, but after extensive googling I've been unable to find this design ANYwhere else - it's unique. I've re-assembled my floating bed after moving at least 6 times and the solid high quality fittings still work superbly. I now live at the other end of the Mass Pike -- Seattle, a futon-crazy city, yet no local bedframe could compare so I came across the country to buy additional beds from Bedworks. A great product.

- JCM - Bellevue, WA (a satisfied customer for a quarter century!)
We bought a platform bed and a futon from bedworks in 1987. We bought a 2nd futon for our lakehouse in 2004. Now we are upsizing (from full to queen) our platform bed and rotating all of our other Bedworks around the house (and lakehouse) so everyone will have a comfortable night's sleep.

- Betsy & Howard.
We bought some high density foam mattresses for our camper van in 1981 before driving to Palo Alto. John drew us a map of the Bay area to explain where Stanford was relative to San Francisco. We used those foam mattresses for 24 years before putting them in the trash. We are thinking about buying a memory foam mattress for another 20+ years of usage.

- John & Emily.
We were referred to Bedworks by a Crate & Barrel sales person - who highly recommended your beds. Your service has certainly lived up to the recommendation and we look forward to enjoying the bed.

- Jay & Shitel
Your beds and futons are so well made and look great over many years. After 20 years our futon served as our bed, now it is our nephew's bed and works fabulously! Thanks for great work!

- Amy - N. Andover
Bedworks has survived the test of time in the volatile furniture business market by focussing on quality craftsmanship, lasting value and products that are functional and pleasing to the eye.

- J.R. Hardenburg - customer from 1981
Another customer from 1981! Who wouldn't come back with this kind of design and craftsmanship? All the best!

- Mike Roam
I've owned a platform bed from Bedworks for 27 years and I'm back buying another one. They're great.

- Chris
I've had two Bedworks platform beds since the 80's, still great!

Beautiful woods and workmanship, very knowledgable and helpful owner, the best bed store by far! I will be back to Bedworks again and again.

- Katherine, 2007
John was so very helpful and informative and patient with me! I think I came in ten times before deciding on a bed, and each time he gave me info and support and space!

- Anna
I've been sleeping on a platform bed since the early 1980's and it is great to see the place still here. The enthusiasm of the products is still high. We're getting ready for a futon decision - Thanks for your store

- Elise Brown
We bought a platform bed when we were married and are now still sleeping on it. It's the best bed I've ever had, no aches or pains. No backache. Now we're buying another one, but the old one is still good. It'll go into the guest room for another 27 years! A great bed and a great company.

Owner of 1 Bedworks platform since 1984, and 4 futon couches plus 1 bunkbed from Bedworks!

Owner of three beds and 2 futon sofa's - all great - I have bought several futons to replace the originals. I remember the old slogan from when you used to make futons in your basement: "Fresh futons made daily!"

- Happy customer since the 1980's
We got our platform bed from Bedworks in 1984 and it has been great, through all our moves and all the use we put it has experienced. Now we need another for a guest room, so we were thrilled to be able to get a second one. (We've looked at alternatives a bit but the floating design is elegant, practical for our mansard room [and it saves on stubbed toes because the support is recessed!]

- Rob & Peggy Enders, Nov '07
Wonderful bed, wonderful service on platform bed bought around 1982. Thank you John Buster!

- Bill, 2008
My husband and I took one of your [floating platform] beds to Africa, Poland and back to Massachusetts. Still a great bed! Thank you.

- Cheryl B.
My name is Berry Pierre and I have been a happy customer for about 10 years. I have not had any problems. A sturdy and strong bed that I can not part with - I love it. It has stood the test of time, and I thank you.

- Berry Pierre, Cambridge
Second generation Bedworks customer here. Grew up visiting my Dad and his Platform Bed (which he still sleeps on and has since 1978). So when I decided to buy a "Big Boy" bed what do ya think I got? Yup, the same bed, even the same wood. Glad to see authentic craftmanship isn't all lost. I'm sure I'll love my own bed just as much as my Dad's. Thanks from both of us,

- Greg Case (+ Bill Case)
Old employees never die and neither do their Queen size oak platforms.

- Carla Powdermaker (3/10/08)
IKEA beds have slatted mattresses with no support that fall apart when more than one person moves around on it. I've owned two and have had it happen on multiple occassions with both.

- Michael Rowland
I bought a queensize platform bed from Bedworks in 1976 with a high resiliency foam mattress. I've moved it five times (which is tough on furniture) and my bed is still more comfortable than any other I've been on and is still holding together, including the mattress.

- R.A. Lyell, Duxbury, MA
I bought a bedworks full size bed in 1983 and it's been great all these years - the first piece of furniture I ever bought. I am now graduating to a queen - maybe a king in 20 more years!

- Lisa Bielefeld, Arlington
In 1982, Chris and I arrived from Oxford, England, rushing into Bedworks to buy a bed. Today, today one of the two adult children we have is choosing a platform bed from Bedworks! We have lived in school houses of all sizes and shapes - our platform bed fit every house bedroom dimensions . . . under windows, against a wall or in the middle of the room - a platform bed is the perfect bed for a nomadic professional.

- R. Walter
Back to purchase a second platform bed 22 years after the first one - still perfect!

- HK
You guys make a fantastic product! I've had mine for over 12 years. Thank you very much.

- Eugene
We're coming back to Bedworks after 20 years -- and detours in Boulder, CO and Seattle, WA. You are still the high quality, friendly and COOL place to buy beds! Congratulations!

- Amy & Mark
I bought my first and current queen platform bed and futon here in 1981. A few years later, I bought another futon couch. Today I'm here to replace the futon mattress for a tenant moving in. It's great that somethings remain the same 'almost' as you remember them! Thanks for the quality products!

- Marilyn, Boston
Bought a used floating platform double bed from a very nice lady, Nancy. Now getting the mattress and all the extra pieces! Everyone was super helpful and I really appreciate the kindness to stay late in waiting for my truck. I am happy to buy a Bedworks bedset from my neighborhood store. Thanks for everything.

- Allison
Drove over 800 miles, back and forth twice from NYC, for one of the best looking platform beds I've ever seen! Thanks,

- Kent Pell
I love my floating platform bed! My prior bed resembled the Marianas Trench in the middle and was actively painful. My new bed is lovely to look at but more importantly, I sleep well. My days are better and my wits sharper all because of a lovely bed. Thank you Bedworks, your quality product = quality of life!

- Jylene
I've been a longtime customer of this store and have purchased all my beds from Bedworks. My 1st platform bed was purchased almost 30 years ago and I still have it. I've been in sales at Bernie and Phyl's for almost 10 years and I've sent customers here who were looking for a really good quality bed!

- Ellie
Bought the floating platform bed in here 1980. Now it lives in Europe (Switzerland), ~ 2x higher (I duplicated the endpieces, kept the I design) Then replaced the platform with a slatted (flexible) boxframe. Never replaced any orriginal hardware, very solid.

- Glenn
Have had a floating platform bed since 1980. Survived through siblings, dogs & moving. Now own a double & queen. Long lasting and solidly built.

- Tanya G
The bed has been to Europe and back and in six apartments, up and down many flights of stairs. I'm back after ten years to buy a headboard.

- Seth Cooper, Washington D.C.
I just got an oak platform with a firm foam mattress to bring to Ann Arbor, MI. The last mattress I got was a futon in 1990! Thanks for the back support!

- Dan
John, thanks so much for a great product. Our bed is 30+ years old and still perfect.

- M
Had a Bedworks custom platform bed for at least 10 years. Thought of you when I needed a second higher platform. Found you on the web and came on down.

- Dave
The Bookcase Headboard is the awesomest in the whole world - I love that I can store books without losing the ability to sit up and lean back!

- Ben
Bought a Bedworks platform bed (Queen) with two drawers and a futon back in 1985 (or so) . . . we still have the bed, but are downsizing - so we came in for another platform bed. The old bed will go to my neice - so we'll keep it in the family! The futon went to a friend when we moved from Holliston to West Roxbury a few years ago. Everything is in excellent condition 20+ years later!

- Gene
We came back to buy another bed. Not for us, for my father-in-law. After 20+ years our platform bed is still great. Thanks for making a great product.

- Kathy and Dylan Coppell
We are back after 23 years to replace our mattress. Still love our frame so we won't be changing it today.

- B.E.
My father is a furniture maker from Como, Italy - One of the furniture making capitals of the world. I grew up learning the trade from him, and I understand quality built furniture. Your floating platform bed is a masterpiece of form and function. The design is brilliant, the materials are beautiful, and the workmanship & build quality are superb, Bravo!

- Victor Pozzani
Dear Bedworks, thanks for the great products. Have owned them since 1987 & they last and last and last, thanks again!

Thanks for the first and only bed we've ever slept on since we were married. 34 years and counting!

- Al and Sasha
Thank you for the wonderful bed and futon, it is now a dozen years (and two boys) later, and it is as comfortable as the day we got it!

- H.R., Somerville
We love our bed with the sliding storage/bookcase headboard. The Bubinga wood is so soothing and war; great design.

- Lisa M.
We are moving and I found the original receipt and I couldn't believe it's been 13 years. We've had the futon sofa, chair twin bed /loveseat you sold us. The microsuede pillows are still in great condition - unbelievable!

- A.C.
My pregnant wife and I have been suffering back aches, and suffering seperately due to a bed too small. If we had known that all it would take is a trip here for some foam and a platform! 2 hours from wretchedness to somnolescent Nirvana! Thank you, Bedworks! Your bed works!!

- Max Heckler
When I was a medical resident at Cambridge Hospital, We bought our 'on-call' bed here in 1981. It was great. A few years later I bought my own double bookcase headboard - still using it - GREAT

- Judy
I bought a bed and futon mattress here in 1995 when I just came to Cambridge, I've been rather happy with both, the bed frame is just as solid (and stylish!) as it was 14 years ago; and I'm only reitring the futon now (and of course, it is being replaced by a new, and I'm sure, much improved model from this place!

- Leonid Andreev
We've had one fo your platform beds for nearly 30 years and your bunkbead for 20. We've just given one of the bunks to an 80+ year old aunt. So your products have now spanned three generations in our family. If we ever have grandkids... Thanks for sweet dreams

- Danielle Jackson
Got your platform bed, loaned it to my parents when I went to CA, they don't want to give it back.

- Ben
I am buying my second be here (1st was in 1983!) I love the design and work and wood. (Went to Jordan's furniture - way too massive and clunky)

- Karen
We had our platform bed and futon (plus a futon couch) from this store since 1985. It's great stuff! I am finally replacing the mattress and the platform! Thank you for your great products!

Bought expensive Crate & Barrel bed that collapsed after 3 years and is now held up by piles of wine specialty magazines - Bedworks will replace this mess with a life time warranty - Great

I recently bought a bed online and it was a super mistake. The thing fell apart after only a couple months! Buy from someone you trust - this place won't steer you wrong.

Bought one Floating Platform Bed in 1980. Best bed in the world with a good 10 inch futon. Looking at one for my son. Still going strong in Cambridge when many others are gone. I have had no back problems ever.

- For your next 30 years, Mary Beth
I bought one of your beds over 25 years ago, I'm still sleeping on it...Now I'm in here to buy a futon bed for my two sons' room. I was glad to know that Bedworks is still here.

- Jonathan
I'm so glad I found you. I must have looked at over a hundred beds on about forty web sites and was getting more and more depressed until I found your graceful floating platform bed. Exactly what I wanted!

- Maria
Bought a bed in 1986 - The 'Rock' is still great.

- Sheli
I've had a Bedworks bed frame for more than 25 years and have appreciated its simple geometry which does not age stylistically and can be combined with other styles.

Replacing my foam wedge after 10 years of faithful service. Delighted to find you are still here with these great products.

Thanks you for the Studio Lounge. It's turned out far better than I imagined. I custom made a new cover, added three wedge bolsters to the back, and three custom pillows. Overall, it's a fantastic sofa and it makes a nice bed. I've been sleeping on it a lot. The firmness can't be beat!

- Dave
Soy Edgar Ospina de Colombia. Mi primer colchon en U.S.A. Lo compre en Bedworks en Cambridge y me duro 14 anos 1/2 y siempre dormi muy bien. No deseo y quiero comprar ningun otro colchon an ningun lugar difernte a este.

- Gracias, Edgar Ospina
[after delayed shipping and an uncomfortable mattress from a Florida mattress company] Bedowrks straightened us out - Thank goodness! Great advice - as always - and a quick ship and expert handling so that our new mattress arrived on Virgin Gorda quickly and we were back to comfortable and sound nights sleep. Thank you Bedworks! Your quality, service and friendliness are always outstanding.

- Tom S.
As a graduate of the North Bennett Street Furniture and Cabinet making program - I am thrilled to purchase a 'studio' couch/daybed from Bedworks. It is exactly what I would make for myself! Thank you.

- C. Johnson
We love our Floating Platform Bed on Block Island. We've had it for 7 years!

- Felice and David
We bought a queen Oak Floating Platform Bed with Bookcase Headboard here 23 or 24 years ago and have been very happy with it - so sturdy, easy to move, drawers hold lots and the bookcase is just right to lean against. Back here to find a bed frame for our guest room now that kids have moved on.

Thanks for the new Bookcase Headboard! I 'lost' the last one in a divorce settlement (she left me my CDs but wouldn't leave the headboard!)

- M.A.
We bought our mission style sofa at Bedworks 25 years ago and it still looks and feels as good or better than it did when we bought it! The cherry wood aged beautifully and the quality is obvious. Thanks Bedworks!

I've bought every bed I've owned since 1976 at your store - 5 in total I think - through 2 marriages, a kid and tons of visitors. They've all gotten a great nights sleep. Keep it going.

- Al W.
Thanks John and Bedworks for helpful info and great beds! 27 years ago for us and today for our son who's moving to Cambridge. Our good bed has and still does support the family's many members. Fun to talk about your work and ideas together. Keep it cookin'!

We've loved our platform bed for almost 30 years. My almost 31 year old daughter slept on a Bedworks child-seize platform bed (w/toy and clothing storage drawer). Thank you for many good years of sleep.

- Barbara, Brookline
I have 2 Bedworks platform beds, 1 full and 1 queen with headboards. I've had both since about 1982 and both look and perform as new. An occasional coat of Watco and they are still perfect.

- Steven K, Brookline
Your products are absolutely amazing! I purchased my first futon and bedframe 15 years ago and I am back today for a new futon. The frame is still amazing...I am considering a floating platform bed, but oh what to do with a wonderful, functional bed frame? I can hear my friends thinking "great gift!" Thank you for a great product and please keep doing what you are doing. It works!

Ever since you delivered and assembled my bed, I smile when I walk into my bedroom. I used to sleep on a thin futon on the floor - for about 34 years - and not only does the platform bed look beautiful, but i LOVE getting up and lying down - it's so easy@ (I guess I should add that I am approaching my 70th birthday - and recently had foot anf knee sugery, during which times I had to get into and out of bed on crutches). I can't wait for the next time I'm on crutches and won't have to get up from the floor!

- Peace, Susan F
I came back to the place where I purchased my bed years ago because it's the most comfortable bed in our house. Thank you for still being here

- Tye
We've had a terrific experience all around with Bedworks - love the platform, and the mattress is now perfect. It's rare to have such excellent service! We will certainly recommend Bedworks to others, and thank you for making this such a positive experience.

- Lisa & John
Great frame and mattress. Bought in 1999 and still in great shape - very comfortable to sleep and sit.

- Richard
35 years and my bed is still perfect!

Owned a Bedworks bed in the 70's. Best bed ever - easy to assemble, extra storage, and most importantly very, very comfortable.

Back for more good stuff. Over 25 years we have enjoyed sitting, sleeping and relaxing on a futon couch and bed for our kids.

Bought a bed upstairs in 1980. Still holding strong. Love your products.

- Mark J


You have the BEST futon store around "these parts", and I've been everywhere - including the internet!

- Paula, Connecticut
I can attest that black metal futon frames are the "pits." I tried to pick one up off Craigslist, and it was bent in 3 places and could not be "bent" back into the couch position.

- Lynn
I compared your chairbed to another company (Jennifer Convertible). Their chairbed and yours are both beautiful. But as a sleeper, for strength and comfort, your chair wins hands-down.

- N.R., Somerville
You saved my futon with the idea of the wedge!

- Elisa P., Cambridge
As an owner of 2 cats, I realize the futon has the advantage of being inexpensive to recover when the cats claw the upholstery. A regular couch is both more attractive to the cats and much more expensive to re-upholster.

- Lisa K., Allston
Bought my first East/West in 1986 and 3 or 4 of them later, am STILL using it and STILL loving it. Quality, well made, no tears, and still gets plenty of action! Thanks for a great product!

- Kim A.
We bought our first bed here - a double sofabed frame and futon in 1983. Now our 16 year old son is using it. Today we're here to load up a futon for our 13 year old daughter. Thanks!

- P.M., Wellesley
We bought a sofa bed here in 1989 when we moved to Boston, and it still performs well. How nice it would be to give your our business more frequently than once every seventeen years!

- C.B.
My roommates and I purchased a metal frame futon from Kmart last year and after 6 months it literally folded in half. Luckily there is a much higher quality alternative in close proximity to campus.

- David & Roommates
This is the most comfortable futon I have ever sat on!

- E
My guests, who are apprehensive of futons, particularly their lumpiness, always praise me for how comfortable the one I bought at Bedworks is.

- JK
Found the foam wedge here and love it. I no longer feel as though my futon couch is a trap of some kind. It rules! =)

- Ruth
Your futons are fantastic - I bought my 1st bed here in 1997 and just got rid of it this year (2007). It lasted the 10 years with minimal wear; the frame and mattress lasted me until I decided I needed a bed. Thanks for a product well made!

- Dana Day, M.D.
I love my futon chair. Since I bought it at the end of August, I have never slept in my bed! It is so comfortable as well as beautiful.

- Nancy, Somerville
I bought a frame for $200 2 years ago from Herb's Rest Stop on Arsenal St. It's grey metal, with mesh not slats/tubes. It's breaking already!! I need a new frame that's gonna last, and Bedworks has a [15] year warranty.

- R.R.
9 years ago I had no bed, I used to work nearby, I decided to buy a futon. I have the same futon. I came in because we need another one for our guests. Thank you for selling such quality sleeping futons. I wish I never had to get up. Thank you!

- A faithful customer, Cambridge
I sat on all the futons at IKEA and did not find anything as comfortable as these futons.

- Becca, Somerville
We have three (3) futons we've purchased over decades. Yes, decades. Everything is great - we've had the unit so long the warranty has even expired.

- S. D.
We have purchased 4 frames over the last 5 years at this store and have recommended it to friends. The quality and service is great!

- Shahreen Quazi
We have 4 kids and never buy anywhere else. Thanks for many years of happy sleep.

- J. Robinson
There has to be some sort of symmetry here - 25 years ago I was buying futons with college friends, now I'm helping my 80-year-old mother-in-law buy one!

- C. C.
Having this cover on our futon with it's matching pillows makes all the difference in the world in our living room; it is now really warm and comfortable, too.

- Alice M Beeler
I have bought every futon that I had in boston here and the quality has been fabulous.

- Kathleen Dooley
I love my futon, frame, pillows, cover. Absolutely no complaints. I wish I loved everything I buy like this, and sleeping in the futon is a miracle.

- Sheila
I bought a bed set and a futon here, and I love them! The bed is one of my most prized possessions! I'm now back to buy my 2nd futon because I now want them in every room! Thank you so much.

You're still here! I bought 2 futon beds and a sofa 18 years ago. They're great - we are here for more.

I bought my first Bedworks sofa frame and futon in 1985 - and I'm so pleased with its quality and performance that I'm back 21 years later! (Just buying a new one for the living room; the older one will go into use in the back bedroom.) Thank you for such a quality, beautiful, and long lasting piece of furniture!

- Virginia R., Cape Cod (formerly, Cambridge)
This is my 4th futon from Bedworks. I really like them. Thanks,

- L.P.
The twin lounger is the most comfortable seat I have ever sat in!

This big college girl was once a tiny baby whose first bed was a cradle cushioned by a custom futon mattress made by Bedworks. Now, she is leaving home to travel north to college with a box of books and a beautiful Japanese style futon-sofa for her dorm room! Thank you!

You can chart my parents' lives by their futons. They got a cheap futon in college in the 70's right when futons were just becoming known, and have graduated to a nicer ones in direct corelation to their careers. The futons in my house outnumber the couches 3-1. As a college freshman, the first thing I did was come here for the ceremonial buying of the first futon - Now I too have entered the futon life cycle!

- Jane Newbold, '11
I purchased a futon sofa/bed from Bedworks in 1991 and it has been in constant use since. It is in mint condition (Other than a few scuffs - my fault)

- M.C., 2007
We bought a chair here about 15 years ago and we still use it. My son (who was not born when we purchased the chair) now likes to sleep on it, and he is 11. Thanks for the memories!

- Chris

- The son
Bedworks makes the best platform beds and futons that I have seen. We bought one of each and both are still as good as ever. now I have just bought another platform and love them

I love your store so much that I keep returning after my first visit in 1976.

I purchased a microsuede cover for my futon Couch and it is fabulous! I have never had anything like it. We eat a lot while sitting on the couch and we're always dropping food on the cover - every single stain comes out with some soap and water! It is amazing! I am thrilled to have this as a cover - it will last a long time! I can't say anything more than it is amazingly wonderful. I will give personal feedback to anyone who wants to call me. Just ask the salesperson for my number. Don't walk out of the store without one!

- Jessica Osband, 11/21/07
We have a convertible sofa bed and the futon is so much more compfortable to sleep on. What a great place to buy a futon! John is very knowledgable about bedding & futons.

- Jim Beauchamp
We bought a futon and bed frame here in 1980 and we still have the frame and use it daily! How's that for product quality? We're looking forward to this new futon for our guestroom to last at least another 27+ years! Thanks,

- T. Wellesley
We bought a futon from you for our first child in 1985 when we lived in Cambridge. Now we live in Newton and we are buying an empty nest memory foam to put on our platform.

- Karen & Jamey, Newton
My daughter accidentally wrote on my new microsuede couch with a ball point pen. Wow! With very little effort and warm water and soap it dissapeared.

- Nancy Lodge, Southborough, MA
We've had your frames forever - they're great and they're undestructable!

- Andrea Walsh, Cambridge, MA
We love these beds! We slept on one futon mattress for 22 years, then bought a new one and loved it all over again. Our frames are from here, our covers, and our futons. We love this place!

- Sue, 1/08
Your futon has been with us for the past 15 years, to three different homes. It is superb. The only regret is that we can't get a new one because this one feels like new, Thank you.

- The Olsens, Dorchester, MA
I worked here thirty years ago. Your futons and frames were the best in town. Now they're better than ever! And John is still a great guy!

- Stephan
Still as much fun as in 1979

- Jeff, 2008
We love our futon couch, and the mattress is hands down the best place to sleep in the house! Plus you get John's charm with every transaction. Love this store.

- Connie Rothstein, 1/12/08
These futons are terrific. I have seven Bedworks futons in my home in New Hampshire. I've had them for more than ten years. I've never had a problem with any of them. After a decade they remain soft, comfortable and supporting, as good as when i bought them. The beauty of these futons is that they allow your body to relax completely when you sleep, that is not possible with a spring mattress and box spring. Regardless of how much you pay. The futons are now incredibly well engineered. Simple design, simple materials, well constructed, durable, comfortable and healthy. Thanks,

- Milek Vius
Once you go Futon you'll never go back. Started buying here about 20 years ago and keep coming back. Great products and great sleep. I try to convert everyone i know!! Thanks so much,

- Kris Dobbins, NH
I wanted to let you know that I went to 3 futon shops and had a quote in hand to purchase a wall hugger from another company. I decided to stop in at your store to make sure I was making the right decision on a previous futon quote and I'm glad I did. I met John and he was extremely kind and knowledgeable about futons. He explained why the wall hugger was not the best solution for my needs and showed me several better options. I ended up purchasing a futon from john and was extremely happy with the service and professionalism he and his staff showed. I would highly recommend Bedworks for all your futon and mattress needs. Thanks John!

- Rick, 2/9/08
We've visited bedworks many times over the years, while my children were growing up. Now that they are out on their own, we're buying a futon for when they visit!

- M, Newton
I've had 4 futons over the years and this is the best one I ever had. We even moved and it is still intact.

- John
I bought my first futon 15 years ago. Then we bought a platform bed 8 years ago. Now I am buying a futon for my oldest son's room. We moved up/down to a pillowtop mattress when we married and have never been as comfortable as we were on our platform bed. Great doing business with Bedworks.

- C.R., Cambridge
Arrived to replace the mattress of 16 years; the frame is still great!

- Karen Sheaffer
I have had a futon couch I bought here 20 years ago - it is still going strong but the time has come to replace the mattress!

- Clifford A. Truesdell
The quality is great . . . like that it's a cottage industry . . been shopping here 20 years

- Sara Driscoll
We needed a futon . . . So, i said to my son 'We are going to go to the place . . there is only one place - the futon store in Central Square' and glad we did.

- Dennis
Our futon was delivered and although we didn't have the cover yet I fell asleep - soundly - for the saturday afternoon nap. Heavenly!!

- Rachel
Just came in and was kindly given a replacement barrel nut for a futon couch we purchased here about 25 years ago! Other futon beds we have purchased here long ago are also still in use. Thanks!

- Judy
Back to get a replacement cover for a 20 year old maple sofabed. Great products!

- Martha
We've been in Cambridge since 1977 and have bought sleeping stuff from bedworks since way back when it was near Ken's pub. We just bought a memory foam bed after many futons.

- Chris
We bought our futons, three of them, here 15 years ago and we love them. Our upgrade is to return here to purchase a new cover.

- Lynn
Last night I took a crow bar to a 45-year-old sofabed. It was the only way to get it out of a third floor apartment. Futons are much easier to move!

In 1985 I purchased a basic futon, now 2008 I'm shopping with a friend who is going to try the Virgin 10 futon, and I'm buying a new futon as well. i think i'm due!

- Stephen
My friend needed a futon and she found one that she really loved! - Great place.

The futons are all so comfortable!

Oh my, I bought my futon bed here in 1992 for my temp apartment in Cambridge, then it followed me everywhere finally landing in Valley Forge, PA. When my daughter got an apartment nearby we gave it to her . . . Many people have slept on it . . comfortably. The mattress finally flattened out 16+ years later and at the same time my daughter got a job in Cambridge . . . we just drove the old futon frame back to Cambridge and came back with a new futon!! The circle of life goes on. I bet I will have another story or my daughter will in many years to come when we come back for the third time.

- Peace, Melissa
I have been sleeping on these futons for over 30 years!

- Susan Davis
I'm coming back after 16 years on the 'East-West' for a new futon. Looking forward to at least a decade more!

- J.P.
I recently graduated from Morehouse College in Atlanta and will be attending Harvard Divinity School this fall. Upon arriving in Boston today I was unsure as to where I would be laying my head this evening. Until visiting your store I was quite certain that for the first night I would be on the floor. However, thanks to your excellent staff, I will be on a very comfortable futon this evening. Before I came to your store this afternoon, I stopped at a couple other furniture stores in the area. None of the staff at those other stores made me comfortable and thus I did not purchase any item from them. Your staff not only made me comfortable, but I'm sure that my purchase is superior in quality in comparison to other futons sold in the surrounding area. Thanks again!

- Charles S. Hill Jr.
It took four visits to the store, a zillion questions, and wringing of the hands before I finally purchased a new mattress. The East/West 10 is firm and cushy at the same time. The Bedworks store was phenomenal, informative and friendly - no hard sell. I couldn't be happier. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

- Candace, Cambridge
We are moving to California and my wife refuses to give the mattress up. It has been a very good experience for her back, helping her sleep tight! Thank you for the great mattress!!

- Mandar
We've had out futon bed for 25 years and now our daughter is moving into her apt. and wants the bed and needs a new mattress. Next, We'll need a new futon bed and mattress.

- Jim
Came in to buy my third East/West. Bought my first one - a twin - futon no frame for my tiny closet sized room in my first apartment after college. upgraded to a double with a bed-frame a few years later. About 20 years later my daughter is sleeping on it, but it's had a few spills and flattened a bit, but We like it so well, We're back for another!

I'm embarased to say that my futon is twenty years old and came from Bedworks, How cool is that?

- Michael
I have three cats - claws cannot tear through my microsuede cover. 2 Cats are extremely hyper and use my furniture as 'launching pads' - no tears! Claws will mark material, but simply brush in opposing direction and marks dissapear! An amazing solution!

- C. Hall
Another futon, its been many years, thankyou

- A.M.
Back for another after 20 years. Great buy!

- L
Bought a futon in 1988 that lasted 15 years. I bought a sofa in 1993 and it is still going strong and the bed is great.

- Jon Charles, Melrose
I bought a futon couch here when I was 28 and it's still working just fine now - I'm 53! Great quality and very friendly employees (helpful too)

- Jil Merrill, Arlington, MA
I adore my 'Cloud 10' so much, I'm back here with a friend who's looking for a new bed! When I got my futon, I soon had to fight the cats for the right to lie down on the bed. I love the products, love the service and love supporting indie business. Thank you, Bedworks!

- Kristie Hall
I remember when Bedworks first opened (I'm dating myself) and I bought my first futon. Since then I've bought four beds, some belong with the kids, all in great shape and very functional. So here I am again. I just love the workmanship and the service - people are great here. No wonder they have been in business so long! I'll be back,

- B.R.
Back in the early 80's I drove past Bedworks often and was drawn in by the style and the entire concept of the futon idea. After nearly 30 years of satisfaction I am back for an upgrade to our original unit that has served our household so well.

- Art
Back for the 10th futon cover for a Bedworks couch / queen bed of oak purchased in 1977

- GD, Belmont
Thanks for all the fantastic info. We look forward to our new Stickley. We are back to Bedworks after 20 years. Our first bed was purchased here! Keep up the great work.

- Tyler & Lindsay
I adore my couch! The month I've had it has been the most comfortable month since I moved to Boston! I can't wait for my matching chair! Thank you!!

- A
Dear Bedworks, that futon you sold us 7 years ago has now survived 2 moves (one of them to Europe) and it still works like on day one. Thanks a lot!

- Greg D.
We bought our first futon here 30 years ago and have returned for several more. One futon is slept on every night and is still comfortable after 25 years. We are pleased with the design of the frames, mattresses and covers. And now the beds are so much easier to open and close! Thanks for the good service and for not moving from this location so that we always know where to go for a sofa/bed.

- Liz and Jim Noon, Newton Centre
Everyone who spends the night on our futon couch tells us that they had a great nights sleep - very comfortable!

- Shari Jacobson
My son's Bedworks futon and frame has been dubbed 'The best bed in the house!' My husband and I vy for the chance to lie down with him at night. Now that he's in middle school, though, he's not so sure he wants us there! We may need out own 'best bed' soon!

- Amy Benjamin
Our futon frame has been through 3 kids. Our oldest is now 22 years, and its still looking good. Great quality!

- Peter
I have a chair made by bedworks. I switched it to an Eames chair. My aptients erupted, they wanted the Bedworks chair back. They reported it was soft but firm, sturdy and comfortable. Thanks much!

- J.P.
Thanks for many years of comfort with both my futon sofa and platform bed, both purchased in 1984.

- Tom D, Somerville
Thank you for quality work! I have purchased furniture here since 1980. All other brands have fallen apart, but yours remains.

- Lori Seidler
This is my second time purchasing futon and frame here. First time was about 9 years ago. I love everything I have purchased here, and will always come back. Above all, I enjoy visiting my friends and seeing the stuff they purchased here. Best customer service and deep knowledge of the wood/materials. Thanks.

- Sylvester
We looked at all the big furniture store options and found the fold out sofa-bed/futon styles had a very uncomfortable beam running down the middle. They also did not have many fabric options. You have a great choice of futons and fabric.

- Steve and Pat Prince
We have had our couch for 10 years - we are very happy - I wouldn't change for any other. We will keep it for as long as we can.

- Fernanda and Cris
Love my futon for over 4 years. Top of the line Queen size, so comfortable!

- Adreas & Scott
Our dog wouldn't even sleep on our Walmart futon. Airbeds are great until you have to pump them up again at 3 AM

- Sean and Paula (& Hazel the dog)
This is an absolutely great place! We are so happy with our other two futons that we will bring them all along to San Diego this summer! Thanks a lot Bedworks!

- Florian
We're back, our baby daughter is 18 now, looking for her first futon for college - but it will be her second, since we bought her first futon for her craddle, long ago - custom made by you! Thank you for all

- Lulu
We bought a couch at Jennifer Convertibles less than one year ago only to have three of the springs break on us - leaving us with a sagging couch! Don't go cheap - especially with Jennifer Convertibles!

- Melissa
I've had a wool futon (100%) for 20 years - warm in winter, cool in summer, resilient and really comfortable - the best futon I've ever encountered - better than any mattress in my opinion!

We have a double futon from John in the guest room and people say: what a wonderful bed. What is it? We tell them: it is a futon!

We have a 30 year old futon with foldable frame - still great, although the futons of today are much more plush! Back again for my daughter's first.

Looking elsewhere - Ikea has dreadful couches and convertibles. ' Regular' furniture stores do not have teh quality for the price.

- B.V.
My first futon over 20 years ago and now I'm back for another.

- L.G.
We've had your furniture foever - the East/West mattress lasted for more than 20 years. Pure comfort! We bought a second one.

- Susan
I had a 4 inch futon last 15 years

Been coming here to buy futons and frames for my whole family since the 80's, love them - thanks!

My mother in law loves our new futon. It's so comfy! Thanks.

We've had our futon for 30 years - frame for 10, and will finally be replacing the mattress.

Your futons are the best! We have been sleeping on one of yours for 20+ years! It is still the best. Thanks for a super product and knowledgeable staff!

- A.M.C.
Just like that battery bunny, my East/West mattress keeps on running after 10+ years.

- E.B.
We have a 20 yr. old futon that is still good, but purchasing two more. We love them and they are great for our backs!

Here we are again for the fifth time in 15 years, not because the futons we bought wore out fast, on the contrary, because they're so good that everytime a new a new bed needs a mattress, we come here. Thanks for the good advice and good products.

- Claire
Bought mine about 20 years ago - sorry I don't need to replace it - just need new pillows.

- Jane
Back for 3 more after 24 years! Great product, great people!


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