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We use the highest quality CertiPUR™ foam in our mattresses. Our foam is "Open Cell" and chemical free, which means it never off gasses and has No Chemical Fire Retardents! Our fabric covers rely on silica embedded in the fibers(per CA standards).

Neapolitan HR Foam Mattress (Firm)
Uses 2.6lb High Resiliency Foam
One 5" layer of 45 ILD Foam
sandwiched between two 1.5" layers
of 35 ILD Foam
10-Year Limited Warranty

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Twin (38" x 75") $995
Twin XL (38" x 80") $1,095
Full/Double (54" x 75") $1,245
Split Queen (30" x 80") $795
Queen (60" x 80") $ 1,395
Split King 2 x (38" x 80") $2,190
Split Cal. King 2 x (36" x 84") $2,290
Support 35 HR Foam Mattress (Med. Firm)
Uses 2.6lb High Resiliency Foam
One 8" core of 35 ILD Foam
10-Year Limited Warranty

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Twin (38" x 75") $745
Twin XL (38" x 80") $845
Full/Double (54" x 75") $995
Split Queen (30" x 80") $625
Queen (60" x 80") $ 1,145
Split King 2 x (38" x 80") $1,690
Split Cal. King 2 x (36" x 84") $1,790
Density and Firmness

We offer 2.6lb High Resiliency foam mattresses in Twin, Twin XL, Full/Double, Queen, Split Queen, Split King and Split California King for our beds, daybeds and analytic couches.

Polyurethane foam is specified with four numbers (i.e. 2635); the first two (26xx) refer to the foam density, and the second two (xx35) refer to the foam firmness. Each measurement is independent of the other. Firmness does not affect density, and density does not affect firmness. Foam with a 2635 specification refers to a 2.6 lb High Resiliency foam with a 35 ILD.

Foam Density: The Inside Story

Density is a measurement of the foam quality. The higher the density, higher the quality and thus, the longer they last and more they cost. Polyurethane foam density will range from 1.0 lbs/ft3 to upwards of 7.0 lb/ft3. Foams that range between 1.0 lb and 1.2 lb are referred to in the industry as "low density", whereas 1.8 lb to 2.0 lb are "high density" and 2.5 lb to 2.6 lb are "high resiliency". Pure high resiliency foams will have a lifespan of over 10 years with everyday use. Visco elastic memory foams are generally denser, from 3.0 lb to 7.0 lbs/ft3.

Foam Firmness: ILD or IFD

Indentation Load Deflection or ILD (also known as IFD, Indentation Force Deflection) is a measurement of polyurethane foam firmness. It refers to the amount of force, in pounds, required to indent 4 inches of foam 25%. Higher the ILD, firmer the foam. Polyurethane foams come in a wide range of ILDs, most commonly 23 ILD or 27 ILD (for upholstered seats, couch cushions and soft mattresses) to 35 ILD or 45 ILD (for firmer seats, cushions or mattresses), but are available in ILDs both higher and lower than that.

Longevity: Impressive

In contrast, premium foam mattresses appear a much better value. Bedworks' High Resiliency Foam Mattresses carry 10-year warranties. They cost less, are healthier, slimmer, more attractive and easier to move.


Foam density is also a measure of its quality. Lower quality (and therefore less expensive) foam mattresses use a lower density foam, which does not last nearly as long as High Resiliency foam. Don't be fooled. Ask about the density to get a better idea of its quality. We use 2.6lb High Resiliency foam in our hand-layered bed mattresses.

Mattress Sizes
Twin XL
Split Queen
Split King
Split California King
CertiPUR™ Safety Information
Support 35 HR Foam Mattress

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"Bought the floating platform bed in here 1980. Now it lives in Europe (Switzerland), ~ 2x higher (I duplicated the endpieces, kept the I design) Then replaced the platform with a slatted (flexible) boxframe. Never replaced any orriginal hardware, very solid."

- Glenn

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