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John Buster, circa 1980's.

Bedworks History

In 1975 John Buster, an ex-US DOJ civil rights trial attorney, began making platform beds for neighbors and friends. First in a basement in mid-Cambridge, then in a third floor loft above Mass. Ave. in Central Square. And Bedworks was born. Seven years later, Bedworks began handcrafting futon frames and futons.

If you've lived in an old house or apartment in town, you might have faced a predicament: how to squeeze a queen box spring or sleep sofa around an impossible staircase or tight doorjamb. Bedworks built the answer: modular platform beds and sofa beds that disassembled to always fit.

Both designs became incredibly popular with students and apartment dwellers because they were comfortable, versatile, and mobile. And Bedworks was the place in Cambridge to get them.

At the corner of Western Ave. and Green Street since 1982. So here we are, more than three decades later, and Bedworks is still the place to go for platform beds, mattresses, and sofa beds. Why? Because Bedworks offers furniture with lifetime warranties. And because Bedworks still offers the best value and selection of quality platform beds and sleep surfaces.

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Customer Comments

"I bought a Floating Platform Bed in 1983, and still love it. The unique support design is not only exceptionally stable and durable, but after extensive googling I've been unable to find this design ANYwhere else - it's unique. I've re-assembled my floating bed after moving at least 6 times and the solid high quality fittings still work superbly. I now live at the other end of the Mass Pike -- Seattle, a futon-crazy city, yet no local bedframe could compare so I came across the country to buy additional beds from Bedworks. A great product."

- JCM - Bellevue, WA (a satisfied customer for a quarter century!)

Thank you from Bedworks

"We have always strived to maintain an exceptionally high level of customer service."

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Last Updated: 01/21/21