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Craftsman Futon Frames

After 35 years of woodworking, we know what it takes to build a great frame. These rock-solid Craftsman Oak frames will serve you well. They offer three positions so you can create a couch, a recliner or a bed. Choose from our standard Basic or Premium packages, or create your own frame, mattress and cover combination. Comes with a 5 year warranty.
Futon Frame Choices
Mission Arm
Primrose Arm
Basic 5 Package
Student Basic Futon
Polycotton Cover
Futon Grip Pad
Hardwood Kickers
Premium 10 Package
Virgin Wool Futon
Microsuede Cover
Futon Grip Pad
Hardwood Kickers
For F/D Frame
Wall Width: 82-83"
Depth: 38"
Height: 38"
Craftsman mission style futon frame

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"You can chart my parents' lives by their futons. They got a cheap futon in college in the 70's right when futons were just becoming known, and have graduated to a nicer ones in direct corelation to their careers. The futons in my house outnumber the couches 3-1. As a college freshman, the first thing I did was come here for the ceremonial buying of the first futon - Now I too have entered the futon life cycle!"

- Jane Newbold, '11


Last Updated: 08/20/14